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Arizona 2nd Edition Trail UpdatesCinder Hills OHV Area #15: Use waypoint #3 to enter the area. F.S. 776 can not be accessed by F.S. 545.

Soldier Pass #25: Closed, this trail could possibly re-open using a limited number of free permits. 

Walnut Canyon Trail #58: Jan 30/13 Most of trail between Waypoints 8 and 9 has been washed away in recent rains. This area also has numerous larger rocks. Done in stock Rubi JK4 Dr. with no bottom scraping at all. Watch line thru rocks.

Wild burro Canyon #67: Closed

Gunsight Pass #73: Closed

Bulldog Canyon, #54, Update from Paul A.:

I entered the route at the Blue Point Entrance. Easy grit surface, as shown on your 3 photos,  constituted half or less of the road surface from quite soon after the start. More typical was exposed embedded rocks, loose rocks of significant size, and gouges and ruts, requiring constant assessment and vigilance. I found an optimum speed to be about 8-10 mph or less. Rocks of sufficient projection to be able to damage the underside of the vehicle were constantly present. About 3 miles in, I came to a steep heavily rutted short hill with numerous seriously projecting rocks, loose grit – difficult to even keep your footing – and deep gouges and holes – traction robbing. A party of 3 jeeps coming towards me, had stopped at the top to assess the hill. Still at the bottom, I backed up to let them pass. They then proceeded down carefully, one by one, then stayed to help me to get up the hill. It took me 8 attempts over 20 minutes to conquer this hill, and I consider myself lucky to have pulled it off, though experience played a big part.

My considered opinion is that there is no way this could be described as “EASY”, it was more properly describable as  “MODERATE”. An average driver, in say a standard 4WD Ford Explorer, would never have got up this hill, and if by chance it made it, would almost certainly have sustained serious damage. I therefore suggest that it should NOT be classified as “EASY”.  The rest of route 10 to the 7.5 mile mark T intersection, continued to be challenging, requiring constant weaving and careful driving, and stopping a few more times to assess optimum routes, but nothing that worried me too much, compared with that earlier hill, and nothing that I thought would stop me for long. However, I would still classify much of it as “MODERATE”. To me “EASY” means not needing much experience, few worries about vehicle damage, and conditions allowing you to divert your eyes occasionally from the road surface - this was not Route 10.

After the T at 7.5 miles, the dirt road was comparatively a piece of cake, definitely “EASY”, at least as far as the Wolverine Gate, where I exited.