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Moss Wash
We are asked this quite often, and the answer isn’t simple. We have the unique experience of driving many trails ranging from easy to difficult, scenic to unattractive, deserts to high mountain passes. Some would speculate that famous trails like the “Rubicon” or “Black Bear Pass” will be at the top of the list. Quite the opposite happens. Take for instance this picture of Moss Wash Trail #82 from our Arizona Guidebook. The trail doesn’t match up to the excitement or views of a famous trail, however, while we drove this trail the experience was unique and memorable. The day started out hot and dry, then snow flurries to the point of zero visibility. Once the snow passed, it felt like a scene from a fantasy land. Very few, if any, will experience those conditions on that trail, but we loved this trail for it. So when we talk about favorite trails, know that, for us, the experience can outweigh the notoriety.